Our Purpose

Connecting People, Plants & Planet

Since the dawn of time, humans have looked to nature as a source of nourishment and healing. From the crops that feed us, to the spices that add flavor to our food, and the herbs that help remedy our ailments – Mother Nature has provided us a bounty of health and wellness. 

Unfortunately, modern lifestyles have become more focused on convenience, leading to poorer-quality and low-nutrition diets, and worse, the development of chronic illness and disease. We knew that in order to restore a life of balance and health, we needed to return to nature and re-establish the connection between people, plants and our planet to create healing.

The Best of Nature Rooted in Science

In an untrustworthy market, we want to make products that actually work. This is why our supplements are developed by qualified health experts and doctors with premium organic sources to deliver the nutrients your body needs daily.

Founded by Dr. Zachary Forsythe, world-renowned in the formulation of nutraceuticals, Zapple was created with the best of what nature has to offer while also being grounded in science. We research the best ingredients, their benefits, and the best ways to improve our customers’ health through new and better products.

Sustainability and Quality

It’s important to us to find the purest, cleanest, and most ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. All of our products are organic, plant-based, and proudly manufactured in the US from both globally sourced and domestic ingredients. The health of our customers comes first, but it doesn’t have to come at an unnecessary cost to the environment and our ecosystems.

Beyond our ingredients, we employ strict, time-tested processes to ensure we provide only safe and high-quality supplements. All of our products are organic, plant-based, non-GMO, and undergo third-party testing for purity and potency.

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